Fire Department

EMERGENCY |  Dial 911 
In an emergency do not email the Fire Department, please call 911.

Frazee has an all-volunteer fire department. You must place an application and be accepted. Qualifications are many but the rewards are great for this job. Stop in the City Office for an application.

Fire Department of Frazee, Minnesota.

Frazee Fire Department (Non-Emergency) | Ph: 218-334-4997 | Email Frazee Fire Department

Fire Department History

Printable PDFSee the History of the Frazee Fire Department - Prepared by Albert Doll

Fire Department Roster

Printable PDFSee the Roster for the Frazee Fire Department - Prepared by Albert Doll

Frazee Fire Department District Map

Frazee Fire Department District Map

Helpful Links

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What is an ISO Rating?

It is a standard used to determine risk for location insurance rates. ISO stands for Insurance Service Officer. The ISO rating is from 10-1 With "1" being the best. Within the city limits of Frazee the Department has an ISO rating of 5. Within five road miles of the fire station the ISO rating is 8 and any place beyond these limits the rating is 10.