Water / wastewater

The Watertower

The old watertower at Frazee had a 100,000 gallon capacity.  The watertower currently in place in Frazee was built in 1999 and has a 300,000 gallon capacity.  The water tower is supplied by 2 - 6 inch wells, 185 feet deep each with a 650 gallon per minute water pumping ability each.

A special filtration system removes iron and mangenese from the water.  Fluoride is then added (as required by law).  Some say that Frazee has the best water in the state!
The Frazee City logo displays the likeness of the old watertower in the horizon.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Frazee wastewater treatment facility consists of 3-9 acre aerated ponds, 15 feet deep each. The ponds discharge water into 6-3 acre rapid infiltration basins.
The facility has a design flow of 645,000 gallons per day and is currently at 1/4th of its capacity and is located on Old Highway 10, east of town near US Highway 10.

The building near the pond is the Blower Station. 
Inside are 4 - 150 horsepower blowers used to aerate the ponds.
To those who are not familiar to wastewater treatment facilities, you might find it
interesting to know that there is no odor at this site. Because of the way it is
engineered, the odor is trapped below the surface water.
With all of the surface water, the treatment facility attracts a fair amount of wildlife.