Business Space

Potential Business and multi-Family locations within Frazee.

    If you have any additions/corrections to the available list of properties or would like more information, please call the City Office at (218) 334-4991 or email

Please see this document for additional information!

Within the City of Frazee is the area that was formerly the Swift- Ekrich  Turkey Plant.  The City of Frazee had the buildings demolished and have put in a street, curb and lighting in that area and created a TIF district.  It is a beautiful area overlooking the Ottertail River and fronted by Main Ave next to Frazee Family Foods. Today there is the new Essentia Campus. On the other side of the new street is a dance studio.

Manufacturing/Industrial Location Opportunities

    1. Skyline Building, Juniper Avenue West, Various spaces available for light manufacturing and commercial endeavors
      Contact Fred Daggett at 334-2231
    1. Frazee Industrial Park - 4 acre un-platted parcel with no services, approximately $10,000 for a business lot
      Contact Guy Fischer with the Becker County EDA at 846-7330

  1. Residential/Multi-family Building location sites

    1. Red Willow Heights - There are several lots that run along Highway 29 that would be ideal locations for multifamily housing.
    1. Lake View Terrace – Several lots available bordering town lake, back lots available
    1. Land that could be parceled off with close access to the school, highway 87 and the ball parks.  Denise Anderson at 218-334-4991
  1. Small Business/Downtown potential sites
    1. Open lots – Jay & Gary Estenson –West Main
    1. Office Rental – Jim Anstadt, Pat Furey, Business Center
    1. Gary’s Furniture site -   the east side of Main Street – some encumbrances
      1. Large building that was formerly a bait shop with retail. Contact Roger Boe, 218-334-4300
    1. Small office building that formerly housed the Essentia Clinic before it built. Contact John Hand
    1. Sanders Station – Now empty but formerly a gas station and repair shop.