New City Website

This month we are rolling out a new website for the City of Frazee. The newer features are layered on top of the already existing content, that being our city’s historical information. We’re excited for a lot of the new content that’s going to be updated throughout the month and would like everyone to take part in a new way to see the city.

Because of the changes being made there are going to be some small glitches on the site performance, if you find anything that is broken or would like to make suggestions on what content you would like to see, please contact the city office by email to make those suggestions.

New Features:

•My Frazee: We will be reaching out to local businesses to fill out a survey so we can do a spotlight on their origins, their visions for the future, and why they chose our town. Also doing a spotlight on our neighbors, if there is anyone that you would like to see highlighted in this section, reach out by email to

•Business Listing: While the business listings have been on the site before, we are trying to expand the ability for our local businesses to advertise. If as a business you are interested in having a small one or two page website created to list both on the business listings as well as for advertising purposes in general, please contact for more details.

•Along with the new content we are asking that anyone with pictures or articles that they would like to see listed would send them in for review to